Friday, November 16, 2012

Beginning the Process

We have made the choice to adopt a child! This has not come lightly to us. It has been something we have been thinking about ever since Melissa visited the orphanage in Cambodia during the summer of 2011. In the last few months we have had more and more conversations about having children and starting a family and we started to define what our ideal family would look like to us. 

We realized that we only want one child. On child that we can spoil and devote everything to and we couldn't imagine that through any path than adoption. So, after a few weeks of constant research on adoption programs and agencies and requirements we have decided that international adoption is the path we want to take. We are in the process of applying to Children's House International for their Bulgaria adoption program. Our application will be submitted by the end of this month.

We are just taking this one step at a time. Adoption can be a very long and difficult process we are trying not to look too far ahead and just focus on our immediate tasks and goals. So.....step one is applying to an agency. 

Creating a blog for our family and friends will help us to keep everyone in the loop during the process. We wont be able to update every person individually so this is going to be the go-to destination for answers. And we are also eager and excited to answer any questions that anyone has about our choices or about the process in general. We will be happy to share anything that we can. 

Thank you all for your love and support. 

For family and friends who would like more insight into adoption and what we are experiencing, this book is an excellent source of information. Any purchases made from Amazon through our links give us a percentage of total purchase that will go toward offsetting the costs of adoption. 

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